Tuesday, February 23, 2010

World Wide Webb

Today they posted a download of Jokeland on the blog "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers," a site some of the members in the band have been downloading music from for a long time. That was cool, but I also discovered that recently a French blog called No-No Music wrote about us, putting "Mugs" on a playlist with other "fun" music like Local Natives, Ratatat and "Pork and Beans." I ran their comments through a translator, and this is what came out:

It begins with the kingdom of a joke, "Jokeland 'first album came out 5 friends from Pittsburgh. Becoming rather a kind "freak folk", these are the voices that print under their wacky character. Just a joke between mates!

Here it is, translated back into French and back into English:

It begins with the kingdom of a joke ", debut album Jokeland '5 friends have left Pittsburgh. Becoming more of a sort of" freak folk ", these are the voices that print under their zany character. Just a joke between mates!

A third time and "kingdom" becomes "reign." Anyway, I think, at least in these phrasings, they got it right about the album, except for the "freak-folk" part. Freak-joke, more like!

French speakers: different translations are welcome.


  1. Here's a better translation. I'm not a native french speaker, but I've been living in Paris for about a year. It's not an exact translation, but it gives a better sense of the overall meaning.

    We begin with the kindom of pleasantry, “Jokeland” first album from 5 friends from Pittsburgh. Developing early in a genre “freak folk”, it’s here that their voice imprints in the title their bizzare character. Just a joke between friends!

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  3. Today they have posted the Jokeland downloading in Bork " ; Dirty lover, " Sad song; The stand certain belt's member is from the long-term downloading music. That is cool, but I also discovered that said No-No French Bork Music had written recently about us, invests " Mugs" And other " A broadcast table; fun" Music likes the place native, Ratatat and " Pork and Beans." I have run their commentary through the translator, and this was anything came out:

    It starts from the joke, " Kingdom; Jokeland ' The first album from 5 friend Pittsburgh. Rather becomes kind " Departs from the classics and betrays principle person's folk" These are the printing under their strange character sound. Between a partner joke!