Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rapolon and the Rapalongs Album Out Now!

The result of a few intense recording sessions we had up here at the BOFSF house during the past two months was a fantastic debut double-album for our side project, Rapolon and the Rapalongs. For this record, we and a group of friends played backing band to the iconclastic vocalist Lord Apolon ("Rapolon"), who pulls apart pop songs and puts them back together in accordance with his particular style of interpretation, which truly knows no musical precedent. We learned a lot from working with Rapolon, and you can be sure that this release will not be the last you hear from this project.

Here is the cover art:

"Sitting in Italics: An Evening with Rapolon and the Rapalongs" is available for free download in its entirely here and also at the Rapolon MySpace.

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