Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Band's Got a Van

Seats nine
is fine

Four wheels
out of the driveway, peels

Plenty of room
Pat says its maroon

Have to take it to the shop
purchased from Chop

The make is Dodge, er,
Pat Kelly is a codger

Needs new rotors
has three motors

Wish it was a Delorean,

Power steering

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The reviews are in!

Please feel free to peruse RollingScone's scathing review of our new EP:

I guess you don't learn anything about sarcasm in home schools.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Your Body Makes a Promise, Whether You Do or Not

Just an update about how things are going up here at unsere casa de Long Island! Today I came back from a long hard day of qwerk (quirky work, as Rat always says) and boy, did I ever bring a case of Miller a long for the ride!! And right on cue, off came the tops and in went Vanilla Sky(the bottletops, not our shirttops, gutterbrain). We had a really tense but interesting two and a half hours. Cameron Crowe sure knows a lot about cool music and some parts of the movie really seemed to come together. One of the guys in Harry Potter is in the movie for part of it, which got Rat even more excited than we previously had thought was possible...TMI. Anyway, from the business angle of things, we're trying to soundproof our basement and we think we might have some cute neighbors (though Rat is skeptical). Our favorite new bar is T-Bone's Boneyard. One fellow there had even heard of I.C. Light. Also, Wess said he saw a Steelers jersey in town the other day and then I saw one in the "subway" (which can be scary but is mostly just a fun place to meet new people). So it seems like there are a few good folks around here who know a little something about Pittsburgh. Most importantly, Rat watched Halloween by Rob Zombie without me and everyone else in the house supported his decision. That's okay, everyone makes sacrifices when you're playing in a rock band! Cameron Crowe made a movie about that too (Elizabethtown?)

Oh, did I mention: New York's a great little town!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BOFSF Covers, Vol. 1

This is our first recorded cover. We did it at the same time as the EP. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain, here is our cover of "The Beautiful Ones":

The Beautiful Ones (click play to play it in the browser)

Danny and Rob EP

This is an EP we recorded this summer at home in Jokeland while working on material for our next full-length album. Alex Herd mastered it for us and Adam Sultanov did this great art work:

Hope you like it. Here's the info:

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire
“Danny and Rob EP”

1. G20 Buzzcut
2. Dune Blows Away/Dune is Born
3. Such a Nice Birdwatching
4. The Joy of Dane Cooking*
5. Suntan

Written, performed and produced by BOFSF, June-August 2009.
Mastered by Alex Herd at the Thunderbird House.
Art by Adam Sultanov
Special thanks to Jeff Pentuk (for inspiration), Mark Wilson (for great records and other recording help), Charlie Kaplan (for Dane), Danny and Rob (for everything else).
*Track 4 is generated entirely from samples from Dane Cook’s 2005 album Retaliation. (“It’s like in Tekken when somebody doesn’t know how to do combos and they’re just pushing the buttons randomly.”)

Download it here: