Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent Activities (March Madness Part 4)

We've spent the last half of the month sequencing a series of music loops to be played throughout April in a pop-up "restaurant installation" in SoHo called What Happens When. The piece is called "Ample Body" and uses a lot of French music and samples, as the food this month is southern French and the design is 1880's France. There are separate sound loops for the vestibule, the men's bathroom and the women's bathroom which explore other, less French avenues. The material in these areas will probably be used as a point of departure for some new music we will be recording. Anyway, the "movement" with our music goes up today at the restaurant. It is located at 25 Cleveland Place in SoHo (off the Spring Street stop on the 6) and is a $58 prix fixe meal, but you can also go have a drink at the bar. More info about this month's design should be posted at www.whathappenswhennyc.com.

Also, we are playing a show at 10 o'clock at Cameo in Williamsburg tommorrow night. It is $5. The other bands should be good, and we will be playing a lot of new music.

Event info:

Pushing ahead with getting the album out there, working on a lot of new songs as well to be recorded ASAP. More later.

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