Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Ballad of Mick Fleetwood

I just discovered that I like Fleetwood Mac, something I once vowed never to say. But a caveat to would-be Mac converts: you can't like it all. Roadblocks will arise. Enjoy the guacamole, but remember that every avocado has its black spots.


Cool. 0:42. Unreasonable amounts of cocaine involved here:

Less cool:

Resistant to interpretation:


  1. The greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac was one of the only CDs I could stand to listen to on repeat while working at the mall. Mick Fleetwood? Starred in The Running Man.

  2. Also Tusk is a staple for marching bands which is insane and awesome.

  3. Nice finds. Fleetwood Mac definitely went through some different phases, though I think it's possible to like most of them.

    Click for a free stream of Peter Green's last concert at the helm of the band. An absolutely excellent performance.


  4. i now think little lies rules guys -winston